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The Revelation Effect

2000 years, there was a beautiful, transcendent-event of the Church of the New Testament based on Pentecost. Ce_que this event so sehr-2 acts and had reported that the circumstances were really dramatic that day-the presentation of the spirit of God was J├ęsus Christ's disciples, as he had promised (John: 14.16-17 [16] and I will pray the father, and he will give you another helper, that he is with you forever: [17] the spirit of truth) that the world can not receive)?Why sees nor knows him: but you know. Because he lives with you and in you. John: 14: 26But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you everything and bring all your memory, what I told you. John: 15: 26But when comes the Comforter that I from the father, the spirit of truth, which sends the grandparent, is my witness; John: 16: 7-14 [7], but telling the truth. It is important that I go: I'm not going, the comforter will not come to you; But if I go, will send you. [8] and when it comes to him, reproached worldwide sin and righteousness and judgment: [9] of sin, because they believe not on me;[10] righteousness, because I go unto my father, and see more. [11] the judgment, because the Prince of this world is put in place. [12] I have yet many things to say, but you can wear now. [13], but it came the spirit of truth, he will guide you into all truth: not to mention self; But what he feels, must speak: and show things to come. [14] He will glorify me: receives from me, and must declare. Acts: 1: 4-5 [4] and assembled with them, he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, however, is that they are waiting for the promise of the father, who said: you contact me. [5] Because John baptized with water; But the Holy Spirit you baptized not many days. Events: 1: 8But you will receive, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and your will its me attending two in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria and in the latter country. ). What is this wine the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus on this day? Why do these things happen? What we should learn from these strange events? More importantly, the role that God is the Holy Spirit in the Christian life? To understand this topic, we must first understand what the spirit is holy and what is not. To understand this, we need the revelation effect revealed free download to understand what is the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. That the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit? The answer to this question is that the truth about the incredible future that God has for each and every human being. We see that the Holy Spirit of God is the catalyst for a Christian life transformed. .